Punch Television Media Studios New Intial Public OfferingThat had been The One Dollar PER SHARE TRUE?

Tinsel Town, CA: Punch TV Studio, an amazing television production studios authorized with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to sell shares in the corporation at one dollar for every share. This distinctive investment decisionopportunity permitted the people at large to invest in an intriguing multimedia group with significant expansion potential. The corporation was excited to get involved while making it available to the community.

Which includes an Initial public offering of 50 million shares of stock at only $1 for every share, shareholders were able to purchase stock directly from the corporation. Buyers were develop into part owners in Punch TV Studios, and unite in the satisfaction to be able to watch their market.

Punch TV Studios, shareholder base has already made it probable for the corporation to start seven stations across the nation achieving over 26 million households, as well as stations in Southern click here California, Columbus Ohio, Pensacola & Jacksonville Florida, Houston & Beaumont Texas. The network has actually been able to profitably launch on foremost cable networks broadcasting on Frontier Communications, DirecTV, AT&T, Charter Spectrum, Fios by Verizon and Dish Network NASDAQ: DISH.

The company's to begin broadcasting on KILM in Southern California is believed to generates over twenty-four million dollars in annual income alone. The company get more info should probally earn over $1.3 billion dollars in profit every year and is setting a portion of the nice profit grown from the stock supplying to produce over three hundred feature films and TV shows across a large choice of genres and your market.

Over the past several months Punch Television was able to invest a $1 million dollar into Punch Animations (OTCMKTS: URBT). These kind of projects click here will encourage new movie makers to bring their plans to finishing and generate jobs and economic growth in the group where the pictures are completed.

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